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The metaverse is nothing without avatars – but creating them takes time. Javier Bello Ruiz (CEO) and Robin Mange (CTO) are automating this process with their teams.

Imverse, which they co-founded in 2017 is developing software that creates realistic avatars for the metaverse from 3D videos, at scale and live.

It was at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) that our two technology experts acquired skills in the fields of virtual reality, cognitive science, video capture and voxels.

Since then, they have been working hand in hand with major technology groups to make telepresence a tool that will be more and more present in our daily lives



 “Our Vision is to define a format that will shape the future of 3D graphics, just as MP4 did for video »



Imverse’s head office is located in Morges between Geneva and Lausanne and has a French subsidiary based in Saint Grégoire near Rennes. The company is growing rapidly and currently employs 20 people.

The highly qualified teams work naturally in immersive environments that will equip customers tomorrow. Today, the teams are focused on the developement of software that will allow companies to join he metaverse tomorrow in a real and 3D appearance.

Collaboration opportunities

It is time to add realism to our virtual communications, and remove the boundaries of digital and physical world.
We humanise Metaverse, AR, VR, and all immersive technologies for small to large organisations.
Marketing, L&D, healthcare, defence, education, engineering, consultancies, etc., it is time to transform your industry, let us do it together.

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