Bringing reality live into the metaverse

Enabling authentic holoportation in real-time and at scale


Our vision is to democratise live volumetric contents. We provide the most compatible and accessible, one stop shop for all real 3D holographic experiences through our revolutionary voxel engine. 

Imverse removes all the online communication barriers, through the tools you are already familiar with, gestures, eye contact, body language, facial expressions, etc.

Camera(s), a smart device and Imverse platform is all that you need for all things, holographic!


Virtual Event

Convert your physical events into virtual ones, where they become accessible worldwide, while sustaining a high integrity level through our simple to use volumetric live capturing solution.

Corporate Keynote Speakers

Camera(s), smart device and Imverse platform is all that you need to participate in any event as the authentic you, without worrying about the hassles of traveling and lower your emission footprint.

Holographic bidirectional calls

Regain all the key values of in-person natural communication and reduce the virtual fatigue of remote collaboration, enterprise videoconferencing and product presentations,

Live Holographic recording with Imverse Holo


Capture your own 360 multi-person volumetric video, with just 5 to 10 portable cameras to make your marketing campaign, remote training or presentation more energetic or engaging.

Live 3D videoconferencing

Enterprise videoconferencing

Revolutionise your video conferences with a previously unseen tele-presence that will feel like a face-to-face experience for all participants and promote human-centered communication.

Depth camera for 3D capture

The imverse platform
is your oyster

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 “We enable big tech companies and consulting firms to create products providing authentic holoportation experiences to their clients using our software technology. » 

Javier bello Ruiz | CEO




We are proud to work with our partners



Microsoft believes technology can and should be a force for good and that meaningful innovation can and will contribute to a brighter world in big and small ways. So do we, at Imverse.



Logitech designs products and experiences that have an everyday place our lives with major innovations. For each product, teams focus on how customers connect and interact with the digital world.



HTC goes where others haven't thought to. Breaking down barriers and creating industry firsts is a large part of their history. HTC continues to expand into uncharted product territories.

Collaboration opportunities

It is time to add realism to our virtual communications, and remove the boundaries of digital and physical world.
We humanise Metaverse, AR, VR, and all immersive technologies for small to large organisations.
Marketing, L&D, healthcare, defence, education, engineering, consultancies, etc., it is time to transform your industry, let us do it together.


Break New Ground, this time, it’s all about XR and the Metaverse

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Shout out to all content creators

Our Beta is now public. Now you can experience a revolutionary voxel engine, and volumetric contents where and when you want.

Azure kinect(s), PC, Imverse Beta, Unity3D/Unreal and your creativity is all that you need to create volumetric experiences that can change the world.

All we ask in return is for you to share your awesome creation with the world.

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